Why is Escort work great!

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What makes working as a trans escort great is the luxury to self manage yourself.
It’s also a lucrative way to make money on the side while you finish your uni studies or as a part time way to make extra cash.
There is no stereotype shemale escort, we here encourage people from all walks of life to apply.

Uni students to mature adults the list is endless.
All you really need is some confidence, it’s the most flexible form
Of work that pays great, That’s  why on our site we help the trans escort get her feet wet on advise and detailed information on the best way to promote herself & stay safe. Obviously some trans escorts are concerned about family or friends finding out what they do, that’s why we always encourage people to think before taking this line of work.

The money is great! That I’m
Sure we all
Know &
The flexibility is something which cannot be achieved by other line of work. Some people look down on escort work..we say it’s 2020 times have changed.All work is a positive thing as long it’s legal and done in a safe manner.

Shemale Escorts work is no different from a person working in a office or bar

Just she decided when she wants to work and who she wants to see she is completely her own boss. No one but her self
To answer to. The best thing about all this she keeps all the money she makes.

Ts Escort prices & services how are they calculated

A shemale Escort calculates her prices based on experience and demand. One trans escort might charge more then the other one. This all depends on individual choices. We always encourage potential clientele to not zoom in Price so much as maybe the service is up to par on the price. Compared to someone who charges a lot less.

From our experience new trans girls tend to set there prices slightly lower then the established industry shemale escorts. Obviously that is not always the case.
Other factors which indicate about the price is what kind of services are offered.
E.g full GFE, dominate,dinner date etc. You should always reflect on the price paid after you have seen the trans escort that’s the only way to best judge if you paid your money worth.

Another solid point on prices is personality as a trans escort prices are based on her face and body obviously. But sometimes a lovely person who is sexy on the outside and wonderful on the inside is a great way to get you hooked.
Just the lifestyle flying to all parts of the world visiting some of the worlds best hotels and places to eat is just another reason why escorts choose this line of work.

We encourage safe Sex always. We promote it and we campaign for it. None of our shemale escorts advertise this service nor will be accept anyone who does.

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