Tv/Ts escorts not happy with paypal ?

Paypal is a safe and easy way for sex workers to make extra income,
Especially in this pandemic!

So why is that paypal have such a bad reputation with sex workers constantly complaining about their accounts getting blocked!

I Personally know 2 TV escort who have had there money held for over 6 months with no concrete reason given.

Sex work is work! Customer and the Tv escort feel safe using paypal,But paypal have other ideas.

Don’t even get me started on their customer
Service which takes forever just to get a reply even then nothing is clear.

A lot of Tv Escorts have adapted to new payment systems similar to PayPal but better. None of the road blocks.

Sum up,Onlyfans,many videos are just to name a few that have done wonders for sex workers especially Tv Escorts. Registered & Protected