why are ts escorts mainly working in Europe?

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why do you think ts escorts mainly working in Europe?

It’s a simple answer it’s safe,

majority of these country’s sex work is regarded as a career.
Mainly I think it’s the safety aspect of being in a developed and non-ignorant society.

It’s important for a Ts Escorts to be comfortable in a country which the law will protect her and be the same for anyone no matter sexual preference or gender.

The draw of European countries they are more developed than other parts of the world. Is a massive attraction to Ts Escorts.
Of course like any country you will always find bigoted people, But as I mentioned before the law prevents them
From being anymore then that.

Another appeal is the location of Europe it’s one of the most visited continents in the world. Which can only be good for business.

It’s easy connected to each other and travelling in-between European countries make it a breeze.

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