What does it mean to be dominated ?

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Being dominated means when you give your self physically and mentally to a higher being like aTrans mistress/Trans Queen.
When you devote your compete 100% attention to your Trans mistress.

There are plenty of dominate ts mistress in London just you have to look.some are more hardcore then others depends solely on your limit.

Londontransgirls.com has some tantalising choices,

Just bear in mind when your dealing with a Ts mistress you have to devote yourself to her you are nothing without her.

You beg to serve her in every way imaginable including sexually and anything she requests from you.

Your place is at her feet, A trans escort mistress is regarded as a higher being solely because of what she wields in between her legs!</>

Maybe if you serve properly and devote your attention and pray for mercy then maybe your Ts Mistress can reward you sexually! Remember to get rewarded a lot of deviation and time is required with a Ts mistress which you have to think about before you dive in.

As it’s not for the faint hearted !

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