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This website contains images and content of an erotic nature. If this disturbs your ethics or your morals you are asked to leave. By continuing to navigate, you declare that you are an adult according to UK law and that you accept the content of the website.

By navigating this website and clicking on the links on this website, you confirm having read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the same. In no event shall the administrators of this website be responsible with regard to the services offered in the advertisements or for the content which is added by an escort to their web page.

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* That you are 18 years of age or older

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* That you will never share these materials with a minor or in ANY WAY.

Trans escorts placed in our web pages. They are independent escorts who have ensured that all the services offered are fully compliant with current law.

You are an adult and, being at least 18 years of age, you cannot be believed to be offended by the adult content of this site.

  • Non-offence

This site is not to be assessed in order to take material from this site which is to be used against any person, whether real or not, in any manner imaginable. Your interest in all the data is of a purely private nature and the content of this site is only for personal use.

Any violation of this fundamental and binding rule shall be promptly reported to the competent Police Authorities of this Country.

  • Delivery Policy

All advertisements will be delivered between 12-24 hours.

  • Refund policy

An advertiser can cancel an advertising campaign within 24 hours after placing an order.

  • Original Content

Using londontransgirls.com doesn’t allow you advertising of fake pictures, imported from the internet, scam advertising or any other illegal content which will try to trick internet visitors. We do have the right to close/terminate/suspend any account with this intention.

  • Unique Content

Using londontransgirls.com doesn’t allow multiple accounts, creating multiple accounts will result in account close/terminate/suspend.

  • Content Posting

You are not authorized to post on our website any content copied from any other website without the knowledge of the real owner. In this case, we have the right to close/terminate/suspend your account.

  • Londontransgirls.com Website Usage

we like to have faith in our website users. We expect that you will behave respectfully and within moral reason. From this point on you acknowledge that you are expected to act morally and abide by the rules established in this policy. You must never interfere with the security of our website users or Londontransgirls.com in general. You will never abuse Londontransgirls.com or our services. You agree to never abuse system resources, interfere with accounts, or disrupt Londontransgirls.com servers or any networks that are associated or accessible through Londontransgirls.com or our affiliates. You will never interfere with Londontransgirls.com user enjoyment. You will always follow Londontransgirls.com restrictions of access to our sites. Most importantly, you agree to follow all laws that comply with the use of Londontransgirls.com. These may be international, national, state or local regulations. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for businesses that advertise on Londontransgirls.com, and/or the quality of services or goods they provide.

  • Link Exchange

Using Londontransgirls.com allow you using our banners on your website only with our knowledge. We don’t encourage any use of our banners in websites without knowledge of the real owner.

  • Sex and Prostitution

Londontransgirls.com doesn’t encourage sex and prostitution especially in countries where this is prohibited. Londontransgirls.com doesn’t take any responsibility for the actions and attitude of the members outside of our website.


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