My Trans escort experience in berlin

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My Transsexual Escort Experience in Berlin

As a client you’re always curious about the Expectations that you want for the field and the kind of services you crave, now me being an experienced punter I have to share my experience and explain in detail how my booking is well with beautiful Transsexual escorts in the city of Berlin.

I arrived in Berlin one early morning where I was feeling extra frisky after sitting in a 2-hour conference call bored out of my brains is only right that I give the city that opportunity and my chosen transsexual escort in berlin the opportunity to please me beyond my Wildest Dreams.

A quick pop to the local Transsexual escort websites and after I’ve made my choice which was a delightful trans escort who’s got some fantastic escort reviews I made the contact via text as I find it a lot easier than calling as some cannot be so great at communicating in English.

Pleasantly surprised I was given a quick reply price were exchanged or so the booking time and date were placed and the address or the postcode was sent over and I was on my way, I did mention that I probably will need to take a shower as not that I’m dirty but just to give the trans escort the extra courtesy of decided that I want to take a shower at her place and she had no problem with my request.

A quick call to uber book me an uber straight to her place it was about 20 to 25 minutes drive because I was in the very central part of Berlin and she was just on the outskirts not too far because we were stuck in a bit of traffic but never the one to brag about traffic wasn’t what I expected but we still got there.

Arrived at a very modern complex very clean area felt completely safe a lot of people around but everybody was busy doing what they’re doing. Unlike some of my other experiences where the areas have been a bit Shabby is sketchy this part of Berlin was beautiful it was clean it was green and the building looks lovely was prompted by text to give her a ring once I was outside her building which I did she answered straight away and to my surprise she sounded extremely feminine which made my cock rock hard there and then.

Moving on swiftly she buzzes me through the main door I walk straight in she directed me that I should take my first left and there was a lift I got in the lift took it up to the 5th or 4th floor I can’t remember properly now and she gave me her room number and I was outside for the stop I must have been standing outside her door for 2 seconds and the door opened and they’re standing right in front of me was the most beautiful specimen of a human I have ever seen.

She was just flawlessly beautiful and she was dressed to absolute perfection. I did request a bit of makeup and for her to wear a mini skirt and a low-cut top. This was pleasantly done as she looked stunning she did not need an ounce of makeup but I did request it just in case, we greeted each other as if we were friends from a very long time ago she kissed me on both cheeks, not once this she asked me for the money knee-high handed over the money and we got the business out of the way she led me by my hand took me to the living room and we sat down she opened she poured me a glass of wine which we both sipped and just had a small talk before she kissed me full on my lips.

That’s when all the action started it was just deep french kissing tongues deep inside each other’s mouths. by this time my penis was about to explode out of my pants already.

I had to tell her please can we slow down as I don’t plan on coming so quick, she laughed and told me just relax. The things that happened after I just some of the wildest things you can ever imagine, she has the best cock I have ever sucked in my life not that I’ve sucked many but the ones that I have tasted have not been up to my standard some have had bad older others have not lived up to my expectations summer have found it difficult to get hard, not with her this transsexual escort in Berlin that I trolled was rock hard straight away and eager to please me at every given moment we 69 for it felt like forever but it must have been for about 20 to 25 minutes from there we continued on I kissed her body from head to toe I licked every interview and she loved it. Trans escorts are generally notoriously known for being clockwatchers but with her, it felt as if I was in the presence of a very old friend who we are just mingling with each other we know each other we feel comfortable in each other surroundings and the wine is flowing and the atmosphere is just horny.

From there she rubbered me up ( put a condom ) on my penis and laundrette when I did request before the booking to be topped as something I want to experience but have not experienced yet due to some bad situations I’ve had with some transsexual escort in Berlin previously.

She was very gentle and very understanding as it was painful initially but gradually over time the pain started to ease and the pleasure started to come. She was thrusting inside Me Slowly while jerking my cock and looking deep into my eyes if felt as if I was in ecstasy at that very given moment then I felt her just deep inside me why she’s calling me her little Slut, she spits on my face spitted in my mouth this is something I had requested before the booking because this was the type of Session I was looking for.

So for me, as suited me fine for some people this is in their thing but this is something which I enjoyed she spitted in my mouth she slapped my face she told me to tell her how much I love her cock and believe you me I did I tell her.

I had to tell her to stop few times as it felt like I needed to catch my breath because of my age as she was completely understanding and I just love the way she just looked after me and cared for me and made sure I was ok.

then it was back to the action again but this time I told her I wanted her to be rough with me to the point where she shows me absolutely no mercy, and that is when she turned me around and fucked me as if her life depended on it.

She started fucking me and doggies down deep and hard for a good 20 minutes to the point where I was just in complete ecstasy at the same time she was jerking my cock and after about a few minutes I couldn’t hold myself anymore and I told her I’m about it blow she kept thrusting deep inside me while holding my throat and pulling my hair this fucking me harder and harder and screaming in my hair to come and then suddenly had a shot my load all over myself while she was just deep inside me it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my whole life.

I have never felt such extravagant ecstasy ever. She was still deep inside me while I was just laying there unable to move from the intense session we had. Suddenly she got up to clean me up she kiss me on my lips and tell me to follow her, baby.

That’s when we went to the shower we both shower together she was lovely to talk to just a fantastically kind person and very generous, we went back to the sofa where she helps me get dressed we had more small talk all the while that our has already swan by but she’s not clock watching she isn’t rushing me out the door is as if she wanted me to stay even longer.

We shared another glass of wine when we took a little bit more and that’s when I realize it’s time for me to leave, not because she told me to because I realize that I’ve got other places I need to be to stop that’s when I said my pleasantry kissed her again where she kissed me deep in my tongue what should grab my ass and she told me, baby, I can’t wait to see you again. I smiled and I told her I cannot wait for my queen. and I left and I left with the biggest smile on my face slightly sore slightly limping but I loved it. She was the best Deutsche Transsexual escort in Berlin I have ever seen. Registered & Protected