Mile High Club with a Trans Escort

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Hello to everyone.

I wanted to share a post about an experience with a Trans Escort Who lives in London.

One of our visitors,
who followed our site with interest, asked us to write and share this extraordinary story.
We couldn’t break him. We share it with you as it is without interfering at any point in the article. Pleasant readings.

Hello … My name is Fredrik …

I want to share an incident that happened to me last week. I’m 29 years old, 1.84 tall, 77 kilos, long blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build.
I’m Norwegian.

Everything happened in London

on the plane that I will go to Oslo without any transit from Heathrow airport.
I will never forget this experience that I had that day.

Someday I would never believe if they said I would have such an event, but it happened. Anyway, I enter the subject without extending the word.

Because of my remarkable appearance, I have been with many women and

transvestites until this time.

My goal was to find a transsexual escort

and spend the weekend with her. 3 days before I arrived,
I contacted a Ts escort in London on ‪‬,

By the way, for those who are curious,
I have been together with a very beautiful transvestite escort named

Turkish Ts Merve

While my stay in London. anyway I texted her and made a booking I was so pleased to see her .
After my 2-day London adventure time was up for me to travel back to Oslo ,
I felt sad when I left the hotel and went to the airport by taxi.
As I have read some articles about London transsexuals
are the best in the world so ,
I wish I could stay a little longer, but I had to come back because of my work.
at that moment God heard my voice and made me a surprise on his way!
After arriving to the airport got my ticket and walked towards to the gate, then I got on the plane.
I was moving towards my seat I realised

I seen a transvestite

sitting on the seat on the left-hand side of the corridor.
After looking at her very , she looked at me and smiled after that found my seat .

I was so happy cause We were both sitting on the right side of the corridor. She was staying 2 or 3 rows in front of me, to my right. After sitting on my seat, I was waiting for the plane to take off . Anyway, the plane was completely taken off now and the journey started.

There is only one thing in my mind Her !
I would like to talk and meet her at that moment plane took off.


But she also read my mind and met me before I got off the plane The plane had taken off in about 20 minutes. I was looking at her, would we turn around and make contact?
By that time, the beverage service had begun.

The stewardess was passing me and moving forward.
I bought a coffee, but I wanted to pee before I drank it.It was both hot and I thought I would drink it when I returned.
I got up, took off my headset and went to the toilet.

As soon as I entered the toilet and closed the door,
one hand held the door and entered.

I didn’t even know what it was. The black transvestite in front came behind me.
I was very surprised and asked what you are doing. She said to me to be quiet and kissed.
I was still in shock and asked what are you doing here? she lowered my trousers, grabbed me by the head and lowered it down.
I’ve seen her huge penis, thrown from the side of his g-string, to my hand.

she said to take her shecock in my mouth I was giving oral sex to the transvestite. Her penis was in my mouth.
I was had sex with a Ts escort as bottom before,


but this was the first time had big black cock in my mouth .
I was very excited, trying to understand what happened.
As I sucked her penis, she was pressing my head .

I was very afraid of someone gonna come , but I did not say anything to keep the synergy of that moment.
What could be the worst? Were they going to kick us out of the plane?

It was a trip with people I would never see again. As she pressed , I licked more. She started rubbing her penis on my face and continued to lick. Her huge penis was getting so hard .


It was like stone. Then she lifted me up and told me to lower my pants. I did it too. She put one leg on the toilet bowl. And she started to fuck me by standing up.


Unbelievable ! I have never experienced such big thing before , I have never been so driven in my life. She closed my mouth with her hand because I groaned while fucking. She drained in and out after a quick succession.


I could feel the warmth.
After she turned towards me,
and said “I needed to ejaculate, lucky boy” and kissed me, put on his pants again and got out of the toilet. She came out but I was afraid inside. How am I supposed to get out now?

immediately I washed my face as I left,

the hostesses survived to my right,
but I understood , but without making eye contact with any of them,
I moved towards my seat and put on my headphones and closed my eyes.

I did not open my eyes and contact,
despite the calls of the hostesses who came for dinner after 15-20 minutes.

We finally landed in Oslo after a journey of about 4.5 hours. I took my hand luggage after the plane stopped.
We got out of the plane .

I caught the transvestite in front of me and thanked her .
Then she thanked me and gave me her Mobile number.

She Told me she came to Oslo to work as a trans escort .
But she wanted to see me again while she was in Oslo It was amazing plane experience . Registered & Protected