How should a Trans Escort be treated ?

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The same concept you will have visiting a female escort or male, pretty much the same resemblance, The Keyword here is Respect.
Be kind and respectful and I’m sure the rewards will be  fruitful. Treat  trans escort with manners and admire their beauty with gentleness. Do not for a second think because it’s not genetically a female so i don’t need to treat her with respect.
That will be your first mistake.
Trans escorts are rare. So they should be treated like the delicate things they are….I’m sure if your fantasy is to dominate or be dominated. Trans escorts will more then accommodate you as long as you inform them beforehand what kind of experience you desire.

Always be clean when visiting any Trans Escort or anyone for that matter

When sexual contact is involved,and practise safe Sex.
Because I can assure you if your hygiene is not great your experience will be even worse. A clean body is a sexy body.
Remember relax and enjoy the company of a beautiful Trans Escort  in london & the Uk as a whole.
Just do your research on what kind of trans escort your attracted to. Go watch some trans porn, google few blogs, I can assure you will make some great reading.
Read up reviews on /forum or check   other people’s experiences With  Ts Escorts in London.
Find out what makes other people tick maybe you might have the same fantasy.

Not to drag this out to long as I said from the start of the blog the keyword is Respect. Registered & Protected