Are you looking for some quick fun with a trans escort.

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Looking for the first time experience with a trans escort, not Interested in emotional attachments just want a good night or hour or 2 of fun. Then look no further,no strings attached sex is what our shemale escorts are offering, their are no talking or spending time to getting to know the person the whole purpose of a trans escort is their are no obligations. Just un-edited ecstasy, if your feeling like your just really need to relax and get away from everything but just don’t want to emotional attachment a escort is the best way to relieve that stress.

London is the trans escort capital of Europe

London has so many trans escorts who are just waiting for a quickie or night of passion. No one will follow you home or constantly keep calling you, that’s the wonders of being with. Escort you pay for your time only, there are no commitments of any sort. That excitement your looking for can only be given by a shemale escort in London. Have a browse on our site, & read through all the profile info and pictures. Take
Your time to pick the right one. Google her name I’m sure reviews or feedback will come up. All our trans escorts are perfect first time companions. We understand people just want unjudged sex. That’s what you will get with a escort. You don’t need to be a stallion or be the best at sex. Just be you and relax and prepare to be pampered, the great thing about visiting a  ts escort is if your feeling lonely or just want to experience something new. No one will know. No one will bother you. Once the booking is done and both parties have compelled their session it’s back to everyone’s normal life. Like it never happened.

Do’s; Dont’s of visiting a trans escort

Obviously be respectful, sex work is still
Work for trans escort.
Plus a bit of manners goes along way. Mainly just relax as all our trans escorts are professionals when it comes to there jobs. You will
Instantly feel at ease.
It’s always best to
Discuss prices before hand & make sure the formalities are our of the way before the session starts. A big No no is discussing the price when you arrive. That will straight away make the shemale escort annoyed. Your looking for a great experience not a bad one.
Always practise safe sex, we make
Sure our girls all
Practise and educated themselves about safe sex. Remember this is meant
To be to fun not painful. Be respectful
Of your surroundings if your visiting a trans escorts premises, remember most of the time it’s her Home so be courteous & careful. Treat her place like you would treat your own. You want to try new things. Maybe you have seen a Fetish you want to experiment in discuss all this on the phone directly with the shemale
Before arriving. That way the whole experience will be wind blowing.


Sure you always practise clean hygiene, your about to maybe have sex so if the transsexual  escort has taken her time to shower and make sure she looks stunning. You should make the effort to at least shower and be fresh. Of course sometimes the commute can make your nervous or flustered. Take a shower at her place, all our shemale escorts have shower facilities and fresh towels.

Another big No no is don’t ask personal questions unless she gives you the green light to. Remember it’s a trans escort not a therapist or interview. So try to keep it simple of the first meet don’t complicate things. You might not mean to but something you ask could be offensive.


Our trans escorts will never ever force you to do anything you don’t want, if there is anything you feel your not comfortable doing let the trans escort know. This is your time so make the time enjoyable for you. Registered & Protected