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    Short story: Looks stunning, doesn’t deliver on services promised, can’t get hard, non-existent English, terrible time-keeping.

    Looking at my messages, I met Yanka sometime during April this year. I tried to call her several times. She wouldn’t pick up but responded to texts. We agreed to meet at 2pm. I jump into an Uber and text her that I’m on my way. Half an hour later, I receive a text saying that she can’t see me now and to come back in an hour. An hour later, I text her that I’m about to leave and another half hour later, I receive a text saying she can’t see me and to come back in the evening. Thankfully, I decided not to leave until I had a response.

    Evening comes, we arrange to meet and I leave the house. I text her 15 minutes before the arranged time to tell her I’m almost there. No response. I arrive at the building, text her to say I’ve arrived, and again no response. I waited around 10 mins, in cold weather before I call her and am told to wait 5 mins that she’s having a shower. Another 15 minutes later, I call and this time I get buzzed through.

    I knock on her door, to be welcomed by a flatmate that ushers me in who then informs me that she will be another 5-10 mins. Severely pissed off at this point as I made sure to confirm with her that she lived alone. Thought about leaving but didn’t want to waste the effort I put getting to this point. I take a seat and another flatmate comes into the living room, they start conversing (or should I say screeching) in Portuguese.

    10 minutes later she beckons me to come in and I start grinning like an idiot because she is drop-dead gorgeous. I pay the donation, she leaves to stash it away and upon her return I attempt to kiss her. “No, no ” she responds, pointing to her finger then says “engaged, no, no”. LOL. OK then, I motion to her for a bj and she gets down and opens a condom. My turn to say “no, no” and I remind her that we agreed on OWO, she refuses and I tell her to just get on with it. First and last time receiving OW as it did nothing for me.

    I go to play with her tits and I’m shocked at how rigid they are. Total turn-off so I decide to just fuck her. Condom goes on, she assumes doggy position, I grab her hips and try to pound the frustration away. Except her tits are also abnormally hard (implants possibly?) and it’s hard to generate any sort of rhythm, not to mention she’s very tall and only wanted to be fucked standing up , so I’m forced to tiptoe which is clearly just stupid.

    I’m a top, never bottomed but was so pissed at the situation that I consider bottoming but looking at her dick, could tell she couldn’t get hard enough.

    Probably 15/20 minutes into the punt and her alarm goes off, telling me my time is up. At this point, couldn’t be bothered to argue and just left.

    Looking back on it, I assume she never answered calls because her English was terrible. I’m young and black which tends to bode well for me punting but this seemed not to matter in the slightest.

    Had to put in a fair bit of detail so that people can understand just how poor she is. Ts escorts tend to be a let down service-wise but this was on a whole new level.

    I paid £100/30 mins but according to her profile you can now get her for £70/min – not surprised.


    I met her she is once of the Ts escort I have ever seen she is so friendly but besides that her shecock was soooo gooddddd

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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