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    Firstly she is TV and not TS. Secondly she has a terrible attitude. Thirdly she didn’t offer services she claims to.

    Comms: I had to keep asking her to repeat herself as she kept mumbling in a thick accent and preferred the phone to text. I had no idea what she was saying half the time – maybe more. Eventually got to the right place for the right time – wish I hadn’t.

    Girl/TS – not. She is a TV. No tits at all. I probably wouldn’t have minded if the service was good but at least the mystery is solved. Quite pretty though, a tight body and big cock.

    Service. I got the impression pretty early on that she wasn’t into it, which just made it not that sexy. Her job is to make me feel a million dollars, that’s the service you expect for £200 notes. Perhaps it was just the end of long day or whatever. First she made me wait outside for 5 minutes, then she kept fucking around with her outfit, then she changed it, then she went out of the room for a while doing who knows what. Then, eventually, she gets around to me. And she is fucking fastidious and demanding, so many rules!

    I start sucking her and eventually we go into 69 and I feel a rubber going on – hang on, I thought it was OWO? I hadn’t confirmed on the phone so my bad! Her technique was fine and I’m getting into it so I ask her to fuck me and she does, which is fine and vigorous but she fakes a cum and pulls out. Fine. Whatever, now my turn to fuck her because I confirmed she is versatile – no way she says! WTF. She says it’s either top or bottom but not both. Fucking mumbling all the time. So I end up wanking myself off and I tell her I’m going to cum on her. Nope! Not that either.

    I finish, have another shower and there’s about 20 minutes left and she wants me gone. So I ask for half my money back as I figure with all the pissing about I got about 30 minutes. So making it clear it was a reluctant offer she says she will give me a massage. Fuck that, no way I’m getting a ‘relaxing’ massage and lying face down with my eyes closed with some bloke leaning over me who just wants me gone and thinks I’m taking the piss! So I leave. Bad atmosphere. Terrible punt. Avoid

    Place – clean, tidy, good shower, clean towels – basically I had two really pleasant showers.



    She were always going to be my ‘special’ expensive Ts . She’s been doing this for a few years now and I was well aware she was a TV but her look and lithe body always made me go WOW. I never got round to seeing her before her price went up to £200, at which point it makes you think twice about going.

    I think I can safely say this chapter is closed. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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