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    Warning this is a review about TS girls. If they are not your thing do not read any further. Sorry to spam you guys, been busy and I have been punting so I have quite a few TS reviews to make. Will post two today and do some others later.

    Price – Standard TS brazillian premium rates. 30 mins for £150 and 1 hour for £200

    Location – 10 mins walk from south kensington station.

    Accommodation – Nothing spectacular. Just the usual apartment type setting. No complaints.

    Comms – Communicated by text. Efficient. I called to buzz in. No issues or delays.

    Looks – Very feminine and attractive. Tattoos in the nice place. A nice averaged size dick. Not too big. Well for once not bigger than mine. Nice lips. Very convincing. Tits were quite big. Shes attractive. Good quality for the price.

    Experience – On my lunch break so what better way to ease the stress by fucking a Pre OP TS. Going back to work so not even thinking about taking her cock in my ass. Either way I exchanged the money. She gets changed and so do I. No small talk here. Light neck kissing. Tit grabbing. Tit sucking. I work my way down to her belly button and onto her cock. I suck her cock. For quite a while. Its flaccid but it gets hard. Cock tastes a sweet. Really sweet. It was squeaky clean down there. Thats a new one.

    I bend her over and eat her ass from behind. No facesitting. But she had a tasty asshole. She returns the favour and sucks my cock. Brief 69. She gets on top. Which is strange. Most TS girls i met just prefer the doggystyle after the rimming and the cocksucking is out of the way so i kind of applauded her for that one. She rides me pretty well. Long sweaty riding. Lasts for about 5 minutes. She pulls out. Im kind of in a rush as I have to get back to work soon. So i just take off my condom and she gives me permission to shoot it on her boobs and thats exactly what I done.

    I leave a messy mess on her fat tits. Give her a kiss on the cheek. Thank her for her hospitality and I get dressed and speed out of the door. Punt lasts between 10-15mins. I was extremely horny and it felt good to fuck and let some stress go. However 10-15 mins for £150 is a bit much. Thats like £15 per minute or 25p per second. Either way whilst i found her very attractive when she rubbed up on me etc, I was aroused by her. But i felt like i didnt get my money worth.

    In summary a expensive pump and dump with oral and rimming services.

    Would I recommend? Ans: Yes. Good services. She gets into it. Shes friendly. Attractive. Nice physique. Pretty much what you’d expect at the £150 range.

    Would I return? Ans: No. I’ve had the experience and it was great. But no rush to go back. I’ve been fucking many TS girls in the market. Wallet is taking a recession so will relax in returning to former TS girls that I’ve met. I think by 2020 I’ll even call it quits. Haven’t been having exceptional lately. Just TS girls that cover the bare minimum requirements for a pleasurable fuck.

    Her profile https://londontransgirls.com/profile/ts-helen-rivera/


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