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    Warning this is a review about TS girls. If they are not your thing do not read any further. Note i saw her in July and she’s bottom only, no breast implants. I don’t know why I’ve prolonged posting this review as this was actually a very good memorable .

    Price: 30mins for £100 and 1 hour for £150. Good prices considering she’s a pre op TS (although she’s missing the fake tits). I felt that she was reasonably priced.

    Location: 10-15min walk from Birmingham New Street station.

    Accommodation: it was discreet but nice. Shower facilities available and everything tidy.

    Looks: she was slim and attractive. Quite convincing. Shame she had no tits to complete the package.

    Comms: not the best unfortunately. Took forever to reply at times. Had to call and it’ll sometime go to voicemail. But i got there in the end. Best to communicate and arrange a with this TS via phone call directly.

    Experience: absolutely fantastic. Exchanged the money and made small talk. She’s a British TS, so you can actually hold conversations. I found her confident, sexy, fun and intriguing. We talked a bit before the fucking.

    Onto the fucking, well the usual routine. Clothes off and DFK immediately and for quite some time. We’re stroking each other cocks too and then sucking each other cocks too. Sideways 69 turns into upside down 69 which turns into face sitting and then I’m rimming her out.

    Condom on, lube on and I’m shagging her in doggy and then she rides me. I’m on my A game as i maintain my erection throughout. We did a few positions and didn’t cum. I was sweaty as hell and exhausted. I think i shagged her for a good 15mins. She slipped out and wanked me off. I exploded on her. She cleaned us up and gave me a kiss.

    We then further talked. One of my best Ts Escort I’ve had In Birmingham . Definitely top 10. If i lived in brum I’d visit her regularly. One of the best TS I’ve been with service wise and i felt like we clicked.

    Would i recommend? Ans: yes. Good price, good quality and good services with a friendly attitude plus you can hold general conversations that are interesting.

    Would i return? Ans: yes. If I’m staying over in brum, i will definitely be paying her another visit


    Instagram: jordydoll94


    Thanks for the review. The prices for TS escorts puts me off, the last time I had a TS experience was in my pre-UKP days, it was a Thai ladyboy in Nottingham or Leicester and I must admit I had great fun but I have a £80 limit for a 30 minute punt and you can rarely find a TS in that price range. The few that I have seen haven’t appealed to me physically.

    It’s a niche market so they can afford to charge more and that’s fair enough I guess.


    I have been to her she is such a lovely t-girl but she doesn’t have a tits when I seen here a year ago not sure if she has tits now

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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