Different kind of Fetishes with your fav TS

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The most common kind of foot fetish that seems to be popular between our TS escorts is foot fetish.
This sexual fetish takes the affect of making you submissive to were you just want to worship the ground your goddess walks on.
Some people like pedicured and well looked after beautiful clean feet.
Or some prefer for the shemale escorts to keep them as dirty as possible. Each Fetish and desire is unique.

TS escorts and feet fetish

TS escorts always look after there appearance. Regular manicure & pedicures are done. Making sure her feet are always looking enticing, some trans escorts prefer to make sure they are always painted pretty or some prefer to keep them natural.

What is involved in feet worship

Basically admiring or worshiping a particular body part.
In this case it’s the feet.
Sucking on the toes of the shemale escorts, smelling them. Massaging them. Just complete devotion to one part
Of the body the Feet.

It’s a very sexual and submissive fetish where you are aroused and sexually sucking or playing with the toes. That’s why on our site we have TS escorts you specialise in feet worship. To domination to sexual play.

How to worship a TS escorts feet

It’s regarded has the highest form
Of devotion to your goddess trans.
Bow kneel and worship her feet, Make sure you do everything your told.
Your shemale escort is like your goddess, if you have any particular request you can pay for your Ts/Tv escorts to have a pedicure done to your taste.maybe you want to worship in a sexy pair of high heels.
You want to lick the heel and shoe or boots or trainers. These are just few fantasies.
Our shemale escorts also cater for sock feet Fetish wear you want used socks to be stuffed in your mouth. The fantasies and desires are endless.

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