Dating with a trans women

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Dating a trans women is no different from dating anyone else.
I understand the mystic that surrounds a T-Girl.
But rest assured emotionally it’s the same thing. Remember she is a women just with something special in between her legs.

Obviously if your talking for of the sexual aspect of dating a trans women. It’s completely different as it’s more adventures,
Diving in not knowing what to accept,but keeping a open mind to the sexual fantasies you can create with the right girl. Obviously treat her with respect and dignity like the queen she is. And I’m sure you will be rewarded handsomely.

Like any Beautiful T-Girl or lady they love gifts and the finer things in life so don’t think they are cheap. Like anything beautiful it has to have standards!

I think the worst thing you can do is be arrogant or ignorant.
Just be yourself but be open minded to all aspects to dating a transgender women.
Sexually and emotionally. Depending on your partners preference.

Historically speaking trans women don’t usually date gay men.
It’s more often straight men who find beautiful trans women irresistible.
And as they should because let’s be honest they are a work of art.

And such work of art needs to be admired with care. Registered & Protected