Mode of communion is important for a trans escort to remain safe

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It’s extremely important for a trans escort to make sure that her mode of communication is absolutely followed step-by-step by the protocol that has been set by her predecessors and which is an ongoing and very important role set from the very beginning of escort. It’s an unwritten rule where the mode of communication should always be via phone or text and the number must always be displayed. it goes without saying in the world of social media and Twitter and all other social media platforms some trans escorts or some escorts, in general, have started to accept clients through these apps that in itself cannot only put the transgender escorts in a dangerous way but also this dis-credits the methods that have been placed by safely working trans escorts.

Any escort based in any major city will not accept clients with a withheld number. You have to display a number that can be traced & logged. Safety should always be the priority of any authentic trans escorts working from any civilized and major city. Some trans escorts, not all we do wanna elaborate on this term some trans escorts from a certain part of the world are unaware of this unwritten rule because in their country they aren’t too concerned about safety there are more worried about this making as much money as they can and this not only puts them at risk this puts other transgender escorts at risk. because if a client has successfully seen a trans escort with a withheld number he will keep on calling other trans escorts with the same method thinking it’s fine it’s ok ok because he’s been accepted once he can do it again. so this has to be the most important and most number one gold for any working transgender woman do not accept any client with a withheld number.

How to make it safe for trans escort during Outcall

Ok if you are a trans escort who is looking to deal with outcalls or who has a potential client who has booked an outcall but you have not had an experience with many other outcalls so you’re unaware of what you need to do and how you need to do it. in this particular blog, we will detail step-by-step the methods that you need to take to make sure you’re safe and your client is genuine and credible. Make sure as a trans escort you verify his information you asked for his first name his last name and his room number once that is done you call up the hotel and you confirm if this person by this name is staying in this particular hotel in this particular room.

If everything comes back authentic and it matches up with what you have or what you have been told by the potential client then yes this is a genuine outcall booking. Now some Shemale escorts do give the number out to a friend or an acquaintance just in case they don’t hear back from them or some depending on the hotel that their visiting tend not to do it because once you’ve confirmed the person’s name you have their details cameras in the hotel lobbies and obviously this makes it safe itself if for example if it’s a five-star hotel in central London there isn’t much of a need for you to take the extra security precaution but if you do have someone who is more than willing to help you during this period then please go ahead.

Now if you’re visiting a bit of a dodgy area where you’re unsure and the hotels are not exactly four-five stars but their client is genuine then you can pass the number over to a friend who can obviously pass it on just in case they don’t hear back from you after a certain amount of time.

Always make sure when doing an outcall these steps are done before you actually confirm anything. Some trans escorts and shemale escorts have been known to not only confirm clients details but also take a deposit well in advance, this is not uncommon as an Outcall can be an inconvenience for a trans escort she has to make herself readily available she has to organize transport and she has to free up her time to commute to the hotel and the commute back to get home obviously time that she has wasted which she has to be compensated hence the reason why clients that do book outcalls are a professional discreet businessman who do not bargain on the price

Do not accept anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol

This is a bit of a tricky situation or a tricky topic because some s trans escorts themselves do take drugs do take alcohol sadly. It’s not common it is actually very uncommon because a trans escort lives a very carefree and healthy life hence the reason why they have such formidable and amazing bodies. having said this yes there are a lot of trans escorts who do not accept clients who are under the influence of alcohol or any sort of hard drug the main reason for this is not that they are against people’s Choice of lifestyle it’s more to do with anyone under the influence of drugs can sometimes be unpredictable.

if it’s just a little bit of alcohol and they are not full-blown drunk this is different but if they are under the influence of any sort of hard drug drugs and if they are drunk to the point where they are stumbling around then this is a huge no-no. This is not worth any money that you will make from this potential client because you will be under a lot of distress and inconvenience. Not only that someone that is not sanely able to communicate properly or someone who is not able to function properly by even walking in a straight line can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous, but they might also lash out at the trans escort they could potentially steal something from your property and even if the police does get involved he will probably be let off on the basis that he was under the influence of being under hard drugs. And the question will come up to the trans escort that why is that you’ve accepted someone into your home who you know is intoxicated severely.

So if a client does say I’ve had a glass of wine maybe two glasses of wine this is not being drunk this is normal if a client says I’ve had like 6 beers this is not drunk this is normal but if a client when he’s communicating with you isn’t able to say a sentence without stumbling on his words or without mumbling away then this person is not fit or healthy to be a potential client and please do not accept these people unless they are 100% sober. Registered & Protected