What and why do Trans Escorts have onlyfans.



Only fans is a platform for fans to purchase exclusive videos and pics of there favourite trans escort. Normally nude or hardcore pics and videos are sold on onlyfans.

I think especially in this day and age with COVID-19 and all it’s the best way for you to stay connected to your dreams Trans model/trans porn star.

You can message them directly when you have subscribed, send them a tip for a custom video .
It’s a great platform for the trans escorts to make some money and for her fans to be connected directly to her.

Normally it’s a monthly based subscription with naughty videos of all sorts of Filthy stuff to masturbation.dildo play,group,solo,fetish,

It’s a great way for you to get updated content on your favourite trans escort exclusively for you. Which makes the experience more intimate then just browsing porn knowing you will never see that trans or they will never respond to you.

Only fans allows the fan to be in contact with the model/porn star with ease.

we do have only fans feature on every single Ts Escort profiles you can go ahead and check londontransgirls.com you will definitely find someone attractive trans for your self

What makes london safe & fun for clients and trans escorts?

London is very diverse city, with all different kind of nationalities. Which includes the trans community as well.

You can find  trans escorts in london any race & nationality  Basically every corner of the world .

Escorting is legal and safe in the uk for Ts escorts so she or he is relaxed as well as the client which makes the experience un-rushed.

& unnerving.

You can find a trans escort any part of london,From my own research there mainly based in busy areas which have great transport links I.E underground stations.


Trans escorts practise safe sex more vigorously more at risk to Catching something.

Personally I would trust a transgender escort based in London to have a sexual experience with. As I’m sure from doing my own Research that safe and cleanliness will be there priority.

Top 3 high demand ts escorts in the UK

Ts escorts are in high demand , So for you we’ve picked top 3 Shemale escorts in London

Marcella is a very good looking and photos are accurate .. She is about 5′ 7″ super slim and fit body
She is one of the most wanted Ts escort in the uk.

she is beautiful young Ts escort in London with a lovely fit slim body before that her femininity is coming out of all those things.

She is so feminine one she is busy all the time as we can see that why should she become busy I’m sure she is making straight guys dream come true

she is one of the best brazilian shemale escort in London 

Mile High Club with a Trans Escort

Hello to everyone.

I wanted to share a post about an experience with a Trans Escort Who lives in London.

One of our visitors,
who followed our site with interest, asked us to write and share this extraordinary story.
We couldn’t break him. We share it with you as it is without interfering at any point in the article. Pleasant readings.

Hello … My name is Fredrik …

I want to share an incident that happened to me last week. I’m 29 years old, 1.84 tall, 77 kilos, long blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build.
I’m Norwegian.

Everything happened in London

on the plane that I will go to Oslo without any transit from Heathrow airport.
I will never forget this experience that I had that day.

Someday I would never believe if they said I would have such an event, but it happened. Anyway, I enter the subject without extending the word.

Because of my remarkable appearance, I have been with many women and

transvestites until this time.

My goal was to find a transsexual escort

and spend the weekend with her. 3 days before I arrived,
I contacted a Ts escort in London on ‪londontransgirls.com‬,

By the way, for those who are curious,
I have been together with a very beautiful transvestite escort named

Turkish Ts Merve

While my stay in London. anyway I texted her and made a booking I was so pleased to see her .
After my 2-day London adventure time was up for me to travel back to Oslo ,
I felt sad when I left the hotel and went to the airport by taxi.
As I have read some articles about London transsexuals
are the best in the world so ,
I wish I could stay a little longer, but I had to come back because of my work.
at that moment God heard my voice and made me a surprise on his way!
After arriving to the airport got my ticket and walked towards to the gate, then I got on the plane.
I was moving towards my seat I realised

I seen a transvestite

sitting on the seat on the left-hand side of the corridor.
After looking at her very , she looked at me and smiled after that found my seat .

I was so happy cause We were both sitting on the right side of the corridor. She was staying 2 or 3 rows in front of me, to my right. After sitting on my seat, I was waiting for the plane to take off . Anyway, the plane was completely taken off now and the journey started.

There is only one thing in my mind Her !
I would like to talk and meet her at that moment plane took off.


But she also read my mind and met me before I got off the plane The plane had taken off in about 20 minutes. I was looking at her, would we turn around and make contact?
By that time, the beverage service had begun.

The stewardess was passing me and moving forward.
I bought a coffee, but I wanted to pee before I drank it.It was both hot and I thought I would drink it when I returned.
I got up, took off my headset and went to the toilet.

As soon as I entered the toilet and closed the door,
one hand held the door and entered.

I didn’t even know what it was. The black transvestite in front came behind me.
I was very surprised and asked what you are doing. She said to me to be quiet and kissed.
I was still in shock and asked what are you doing here? she lowered my trousers, grabbed me by the head and lowered it down.
I’ve seen her huge penis, thrown from the side of his g-string, to my hand.

she said to take her shecock in my mouth I was giving oral sex to the transvestite. Her penis was in my mouth.
I was had sex with a Ts escort as bottom before,


but this was the first time had big black cock in my mouth .
I was very excited, trying to understand what happened.
As I sucked her penis, she was pressing my head .

I was very afraid of someone gonna come , but I did not say anything to keep the synergy of that moment.
What could be the worst? Were they going to kick us out of the plane?

It was a trip with people I would never see again. As she pressed , I licked more. She started rubbing her penis on my face and continued to lick. Her huge penis was getting so hard .


It was like stone. Then she lifted me up and told me to lower my pants. I did it too. She put one leg on the toilet bowl. And she started to fuck me by standing up.


Unbelievable ! I have never experienced such big thing before , I have never been so driven in my life. She closed my mouth with her hand because I groaned while fucking. She drained in and out after a quick succession.


I could feel the warmth.
After she turned towards me,
and said “I needed to ejaculate, lucky boy” and kissed me, put on his pants again and got out of the toilet. She came out but I was afraid inside. How am I supposed to get out now?

immediately I washed my face as I left,

the hostesses survived to my right,
but I understood , but without making eye contact with any of them,
I moved towards my seat and put on my headphones and closed my eyes.

I did not open my eyes and contact,
despite the calls of the hostesses who came for dinner after 15-20 minutes.

We finally landed in Oslo after a journey of about 4.5 hours. I took my hand luggage after the plane stopped.
We got out of the plane .

I caught the transvestite in front of me and thanked her .
Then she thanked me and gave me her Mobile number.

She Told me she came to Oslo to work as a trans escort .
But she wanted to see me again while she was in Oslo It was amazing plane experience .

Sex with a will endowed Trans Lady

There are many Brazilian trans escorts in London. The most important feature is that they have a large she-Cock.
Starting from 17 – 18 cm and stretching up to 24-25 centimeters,
They attract a lot of attention not only from bi/gay men but also straight men.
Men who enjoy touching the penis of the trans escort and masturbating it during sexual enjoyment.
Another feature of Brazilian trans escorts in London they have broad hips. I think the people of that region are genetically lucky.
They can satisfy their partners in many ways. Think about it; a tranny with a huge dick, huge buttocks and boobs. If you love full and big, they will visually feed you.
What about being passive to a trans escort.
This is the most enjoyable and also the hardest part.

Things surely have to be taken slowly..especially if your a complete novice to this. As injuries can occur,Read,Re-search and surely just relax as the enjoyment out-ways the dangers.

You can find Ts Escorts on www.londontransgirls.com 

How should a Trans Escort be treated ?

The same concept you will have visiting a female escort or male, pretty much the same resemblance, The Keyword here is Respect.
Be kind and respectful and I’m sure the rewards will be  fruitful. Treat  trans escort with manners and admire their beauty with gentleness. Do not for a second think because it’s not genetically a female so i don’t need to treat her with respect.
That will be your first mistake.
Trans escorts are rare. So they should be treated like the delicate things they are….I’m sure if your fantasy is to dominate or be dominated. Trans escorts will more then accommodate you as long as you inform them beforehand what kind of experience you desire.

Always be clean when visiting any Trans Escort or anyone for that matter

When sexual contact is involved,and practise safe Sex.
Because I can assure you if your hygiene is not great your experience will be even worse. A clean body is a sexy body.
Remember relax and enjoy the company of a beautiful Trans Escort  in london & the Uk as a whole.
Just do your research on what kind of trans escort your attracted to. Go watch some trans porn, google few blogs, I can assure you will make some great reading.
Read up reviews on Londontransgirls.com /forum or check   other people’s experiences With  Ts Escorts in London.
Find out what makes other people tick maybe you might have the same fantasy.

Not to drag this out to long as I said from the start of the blog the keyword is Respect.

What makes a Trans Escort desired? 

A question that in mind a lot is what makes a Trans escort desired.
Well it depends on individual desires,
Some like the mystery that a beautiful trans women/man has.
Also to the contrary Trans are actually not that hard to find if looked in the right direction.
In 2020 people are using online Trans Escort directory website  to find  their needs

Straight men always  thinks  more intrigued with a beautiful Trans Girl than gay man

It’s the mysterious aura,Meeting another person who looks,speaks,acts like a woman but genetically isn’t
As with everything a Trans Girl  treated with respect for you to Truly experience,
it’s most erotic desires Sensual,sexual,exploration,
Are just a few words that come to mind when you think of a beautiful Transsexual Women or man.
We all have desires that we cannot fulfil in our everyday lives for many reasons,
marriage,religion,secrecy. That’s where the fun starts with a Ts Escorts. You will never be judged just taken to extreme lengths of lust & erotic-ness.

How to find beautiful TS escorts in the United Kingdom?


Are you searching for the perfect TS (Trans-sexual) escort in the United Kingdom? TS escorts are excellent companions who are transsexuals. In general cases,

they could be men who transitioned into women, or women who transitioned into men. The recent years in the escort industry UK has observed a steep rise in the overall demand for transsexual escorts amongst clients from all across the world.

If you are looking for some hot company desperately or wish to kill your time in a sensuous manner, then it is high time that you should hire a shemale escort in the United Kingdom.

These girls are known to possess a unique charm to themselves while being all beautiful and glamorous at the same time.

If you are in search for the hottest TS beauty in the United Kingdom from the leading TS escort directory, here are some important points to consider:

Understand the Types of TS Escorts

In the United Kingdom, you will typically come across two types of London trans girls.You can look forward to hiring either a “pre-op” or a “post-op” lady for yourself. Pre-op is the situation in which the female still has male-dominant organs or genitals. On the other hand, with post-op women, you will find the absence of any male genital.


When you are searching for the perfect shemale partner for yourself in the UK, you will observe that pre-op TS beauties are immensely famous amongst men who are looking forward to spending time in the company of a beautiful woman while having interests in the male areas as well.

The post-op TS women are also quite popular amongst men who are looking for someone gorgeous and kinky at the same time.

Unique TS Beauty

When you hire TS ladies for your eventful night, you will realize that they have unique beauty and charm to their overall personality.

  • The transsexual girls are as beautiful as any woman who are born naturally.


At the same time, in addition to their bespoke beauty,

independent TS escorts are also famous for delivering additional services and experiences to men in the United Kingdom. This is the reason why they are gaining huge impetus in the modern escort industry in the United Kingdom.


  • Special Experiences: When you are in the company of a hot TS beauty, you can look forward to getting something more every time.
  • Whether it is about a special massage or some special treatment otherwise, you can always be in store for something special or surprising.


For many TS ladies, being in the escort industry is about standing out from the others. This is the reason why they go out of limits sometimes just to impress the client erotically.

The fact that they are always in for trying out something new, you can look forward to having a great time in the company of a hot shemale escort.


When you are in the United Kingdom, make the most of your time in the company of beautiful TS escorts!

How does it feel to work as a TS escort?

Men & women belonging to the transgender community are highly marginalised when it comes to getting access to proper healthcare, housing, and even employment. At the same time, most of them also have to endure a higher level of violence and discrimination in all phases of life. This is the reason why most transgender individuals end up joining the escort industry to serve as the means of living. Moreover, in the modern era, there has been a rapid rise in the number of clients seeking the company of beautiful TS escorts for a completely different experience.

There are several individuals offering services as trans or shemale escorts in the United Kingdom. While life is not an easy course for them, the escort industry has been a boon enough to help them make a living out of nothing. Today, most clients seek the company of these hot trans women who are willing to spend intimate moments with the clients. In this post, we will help you know about how a TS escort feels about her work and life in general.

Life Experience of a Trans Escort

While life is tough on the forefront for most transsexuals out there, being employed in one way or the other allows them to lead a decent, respectful life. One of the best aspects of the escort industry is the way in how it tends to embrace the transgender community. There is no judgement here, and the industry offers them the space to embrace their individuality –and, indeed their sexuality!

In most cases, you will find that transgender escorts are male to female. As such, most male clients look forward to hiring transgender people who are females. Most of the TS girls tend to advertise themselves online. They are either independent or working through some reputed escort agency.

As far as the overall earnings are concerned, the TS escorts get paid equally –just like the standard girls. In fact, there are some clients who even tend to leave some additional tips or bonuses for extra enjoyment or services from the shemale girls. When you are hiring TS ladies for your pleasure, you will mostly come across two categories:

  • Pre-op escorts
  • Post-op escorts

Pre-op girls are those who still tend to have male genitals. On the other hand, post-op girls have completely embraced womanhood by getting the male genitals removed totally.

Given their unique traits, most men are drawn to the fact about spending some quality time with shemale escorts. Therefore, most of them search for the same on the leading TS escort directories or escort agencies.

From the real life experience of trans escorts in London, it can be concluded that they are quite content with the given concept of working in the modern escort industry. From the life of transsexuals in London, it can be concluded that the escort industry has been quite generous on them by providing a means of living and respect at the same time.

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