Your Dream Trans Escort UK

Ready to meet your dream trans escorts in the UK ? Not sure where to search?

Our site ( London Trans Girls ) has all you need. All our shemale escorts offer the ultimate sexual experience. We have Latin,Asian,Europeans trans escorts. On our site you will find all shapes and sizes petite to XL.

Whether your looking for a beautiful active Trans escorts or bottom

Our girls offer it all. You might desire a versatile trans escort, who can do it all take you to sexual heights you only dreamt of.

Why not try one our beautiful Asian shemale escorts who offer the most erotic massage.

Want to unwind and let our beautiful ts take control body to body. Open all your pores make you feel like your in ecstasy.

You might consider to see some of our porn star Latin shemales

Who offer the ultimate sexual adventure. Explore avenues you have never tried before or stay in your comfort zone and enjoy the company of this beautiful creature!

Spending some time in the city. Feeling alone and horny in your hotel room.

Why not book one of our shemale escorts to keep you entertained. First maybe a nice dinner date, our girls are all sophisticated beauties. Perfect to have a gorgeous  t-girl on your arm.

Maybe swing by to her place for a quickie. Indulge in the delights before exploring the city.

You might have a particular Fetish or service you require. Just contact any trans escort you desire directly and ask. Our girls are always willing to answer and request or concern you have.

On our site please just browse freely through many profiles of your shemale escorts, detailed profile information. & completely up to date pictures & videos. You can also click on social media accounts to access exclusive pics & videos of your chosen Trans escort.

Are you looking for some quick fun with a trans escort.

Looking for the first time experience with a trans escort, not Interested in emotional attachments just want a good night or hour or 2 of fun. Then look no further,no strings attached sex is what our shemale escorts are offering, their are no talking or spending time to getting to know the person the whole purpose of a trans escort is their are no obligations. Just un-edited ecstasy, if your feeling like your just really need to relax and get away from everything but just don’t want to emotional attachment a escort is the best way to relieve that stress.

London is the trans escort capital of Europe

London has so many trans escorts who are just waiting for a quickie or night of passion. No one will follow you home or constantly keep calling you, that’s the wonders of being with. Escort you pay for your time only, there are no commitments of any sort. That excitement your looking for can only be given by a shemale escort in London. Have a browse on our site, & read through all the profile info and pictures. Take
Your time to pick the right one. Google her name I’m sure reviews or feedback will come up. All our trans escorts are perfect first time companions. We understand people just want unjudged sex. That’s what you will get with a escort. You don’t need to be a stallion or be the best at sex. Just be you and relax and prepare to be pampered, the great thing about visiting a  ts escort is if your feeling lonely or just want to experience something new. No one will know. No one will bother you. Once the booking is done and both parties have compelled their session it’s back to everyone’s normal life. Like it never happened.

Do’s; Dont’s of visiting a trans escort

Obviously be respectful, sex work is still
Work for trans escort.
Plus a bit of manners goes along way. Mainly just relax as all our trans escorts are professionals when it comes to there jobs. You will
Instantly feel at ease.
It’s always best to
Discuss prices before hand & make sure the formalities are our of the way before the session starts. A big No no is discussing the price when you arrive. That will straight away make the shemale escort annoyed. Your looking for a great experience not a bad one.
Always practise safe sex, we make
Sure our girls all
Practise and educated themselves about safe sex. Remember this is meant
To be to fun not painful. Be respectful
Of your surroundings if your visiting a trans escorts premises, remember most of the time it’s her Home so be courteous & careful. Treat her place like you would treat your own. You want to try new things. Maybe you have seen a Fetish you want to experiment in discuss all this on the phone directly with the shemale
Before arriving. That way the whole experience will be wind blowing.


Sure you always practise clean hygiene, your about to maybe have sex so if the transsexual  escort has taken her time to shower and make sure she looks stunning. You should make the effort to at least shower and be fresh. Of course sometimes the commute can make your nervous or flustered. Take a shower at her place, all our shemale escorts have shower facilities and fresh towels.

Another big No no is don’t ask personal questions unless she gives you the green light to. Remember it’s a trans escort not a therapist or interview. So try to keep it simple of the first meet don’t complicate things. You might not mean to but something you ask could be offensive.


Our trans escorts will never ever force you to do anything you don’t want, if there is anything you feel your not comfortable doing let the trans escort know. This is your time so make the time enjoyable for you.

Ready to take the plunge with a trans women?

A great site to find real transgender people to date & connect with. Just make sure your respectful and understanding.

It’s always a best option to match your self with there likes/dislikes. It’s a no brainier really will cause less friction when you actually to meet up. I’m sure there are some success stories that we would all love to hear.

Webcam chat with a Trans Escort

There are plenty of sites online where you can chat with real trans women.
From all parts and walks of life. 100 & 100’s of profiles from all over the world and the tip of your finger tips, webcam chat is a perfect way to break the ice without actually meeting face to face. It’s a great way to get to know the person,If your shy or not confident to meet straight away. This way will ease you in.

Try a TS escort before dating a Trans Women

TS escort is a great way to discover what to do sexually, I don’t think it’s the best option if your trying to romantically connect with a trans women.
Shemale escort at the end of the day is only doing her job, even though you might feel like you have a connection.
Just enjoy the moment. It’s a great way for you to experience the trans world without actually committing to anything. Some people are happy with just a fantasy fulfilled, which is great!
But some are looking for more, TS escort site is solely for sexual pleasure. Not a dating site, this is the confusion that people get mixed up with.
A TS escort will always have a price. Just because you paid for her time doesn’t mean that your dating now.
Anyway to cut a long story short, it’s the best way to get your feet wet without actually swimming.

Qualities of a shemale escort

Shemale and transvestite escorts have this sexy confidence about them. They carry themselves with such sexiness that it’s hard not to admire. That’s the reasons sometimes guys are slightly intimidated about approaching the trans community.

Our site allows you to connect with the most sexiest, trans escort you have ever seen. The shemale of your dreams with the perfect hair and body, great tits and let’s not forget the extra between her legs.
All just waiting for you to peel the layers and explore away. After all it’s what is turning you on about them. Just treat them with care like
The delicate beauties they are, & You shall be rewarded sexually beyond your needs.

Picking your shemale escort

There are million reasons why you should pick a shemale escort. We don’t have time for that so I will highlight a few.
Firstly the sexual
Aspect, The pleasures and sexual High’s that’s you will get with your shemale. Is beyond description, we have trans escorts for everyone to the party animal to the first timer. Don’t be shy just take your time browse through our site and take your pick.

How does a Shemale Escort directory help you

A directory helps you by narrowing your search down to what kind of Shemale escort do you like. Blondes ,brunettes,Redhead’s. The list is endless.
It also allows you to filter the area you want to concentrate on to find your Special Shemale escort.

What makes some TV & Cross-dressers attractive to clientele

It’s the experience of the unknown, transvestites have a particular kind of clients, who love to crossdress themselves. This for them is a great reason why the attraction is so strong because they can relate.

Sexy cross dresser

The appearance of a cross dresser is sometimes very feminine, & then at Times kind of masculine. As the full translation hasn’t happened with a transvestite. They look very hard after there apprentice and body and always make sexy makeup and plenty of hot lingerie and heels.

That little bit extra

Now we know why anyone you wanted to see a cossdresser would go, it’s because they want to experience the cock. These transvestite girls know how to have fun, & They know how to use there tool.
They will Ravish you in ecstasy, just relax and enjoy there time and aura.

Picking between shemale & transvestite escorts

Looking for a feminine sexy,hot sexual Adventure a shemale
Escort is waiting for you. Ready to explore your bodies to the full potential.
Or maybe you want a Transvestite who you can dress up and get dressed and made to feel like a proper little whore, the fantasies and desires are endless go ahead and take your pick.

Transsexual escort. The Do & Dont’s.

We you request a booking with a Transsexual escort, Your exploring your most sexual desires. Hot & raunchy fun which leads to so many naughty things happening.Transsexual Escort can cater to any kind of fantasy you have in mind just before the booking just discuss the formalities.

Having dealings with a Transsexual Escort.

A big part of a shemale escorts job is discretion, and also the naughty sexy desires coming to life. All practised safely and in the comfort of her place or in a luxury hotel. Remember if your booking a hotel you can always ask, your shemale what’s the best and most discreet hotel.she will know as this is her job. Just to avoid any awkwardness the financial formalities should be all taken care of at the start of the meet.

Transsexual escorts in London is a Great company

Transsexual escorts are great company. In all kind of different settings, classy and sophisticated. Can hold a discussion and very intelligent.
Just be your self and relax, you won’t be judged by the Transsexual escort. Or looked down upon this is your time so enjoy it and relax with some great conversation and company.

Why is Escort work great!

What makes working as a trans escort great is the luxury to self manage yourself.
It’s also a lucrative way to make money on the side while you finish your uni studies or as a part time way to make extra cash.
There is no stereotype shemale escort, we here encourage people from all walks of life to apply.

Uni students to mature adults the list is endless.
All you really need is some confidence, it’s the most flexible form
Of work that pays great, That’s  why on our site we help the trans escort get her feet wet on advise and detailed information on the best way to promote herself & stay safe. Obviously some trans escorts are concerned about family or friends finding out what they do, that’s why we always encourage people to think before taking this line of work.

The money is great! That I’m
Sure we all
Know &
The flexibility is something which cannot be achieved by other line of work. Some people look down on escort work..we say it’s 2020 times have changed.All work is a positive thing as long it’s legal and done in a safe manner.

Shemale Escorts work is no different from a person working in a office or bar

Just she decided when she wants to work and who she wants to see she is completely her own boss. No one but her self
To answer to. The best thing about all this she keeps all the money she makes.

Ts Escort prices & services how are they calculated

A shemale Escort calculates her prices based on experience and demand. One trans escort might charge more then the other one. This all depends on individual choices. We always encourage potential clientele to not zoom in Price so much as maybe the service is up to par on the price. Compared to someone who charges a lot less.

From our experience new trans girls tend to set there prices slightly lower then the established industry shemale escorts. Obviously that is not always the case.
Other factors which indicate about the price is what kind of services are offered.
E.g full GFE, dominate,dinner date etc. You should always reflect on the price paid after you have seen the trans escort that’s the only way to best judge if you paid your money worth.

Another solid point on prices is personality as a trans escort prices are based on her face and body obviously. But sometimes a lovely person who is sexy on the outside and wonderful on the inside is a great way to get you hooked.
Just the lifestyle flying to all parts of the world visiting some of the worlds best hotels and places to eat is just another reason why escorts choose this line of work.

We encourage safe Sex always. We promote it and we campaign for it. None of our shemale escorts advertise this service nor will be accept anyone who does.

Transsexual content of our Website

The role Our website plays the role, Of connecting the client and Transsexual EscortsTranssexual Escorts

We market all are trans escorts fairly, everything is transparent.

We do not negotiate price or work as a agency we are strictly a marketing platform for our Transsexual Escorts.

Discretion & confidentiality is a must! That’s why our escorts all offer non-disclosure contracts for our bespoke
The way we market our Transsexual escorts is to make sure there profile and info is all up to date

we also actively encourage feedback from our clientele and Transsexsual escort.

Making the experience better every time is what we strive to do on our site.
On our site we get number of shemale

Escorts trying to get there profile displayed but

before we do we Vet the trans escort, We do our own research just to make sure all is genuine and no negative feedback is found.
As not all money is good money.
We only promote the best.

Massage from a East Asian  shemale.

It’s been a long winding week & You just want to unwind, in the company of a great pair of hands.
A massage from a ladyboy in London is the most effective way to relieve your aches and pains. As-well as stress.

Let’s be honest who would not want to just lie down and be pampered and taken to great heights. Speaking from personal experience I think East Asian Ladyboys are world renown for there massages.

The oils, the techniques are just a few to mention. They have a way of getting you very aroused. They make you feel Special just the way treat you.

What’s involved in Thai massage from a East Asian shemale ?

They have a this wonderful way with there hands where they can pamper you and just make you relax and aroused at the same Time.
They use techniques which have been part of their culture for thousands of years & for good reason….

because it works. There are levels to the kind of message your after very intense massage would involve her whole
Body on top of you just getting to every joint and muscle
While the least intense is still satisfactory.

What’s include In a massage with shemale escort of the East Asian descent ?

All sorts of naughty erotic behaviour.
Owo,erotic body to body massage. Let’s be honest if they advertise services of a massage nature 99.9% of the time, Sexual services will also be offered.
Penetration both ways,69 both ways

For you to fully experience all there services it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy.
As a rushed massage isn’t much of a massage.
What’s makes a massage with a trans shemale of East Asian descent more rewarding is just so much body to play with. If you get my drift..
The great thing about a sexual
Massage is there it’s relaxing if you don’t like
The work your in good hands because that’s the speciality of a East Asian ladyboys.
They treat their clients like God. Practically worship
The ground you walk On.

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why are ts escorts mainly working in Europe?

why do you think ts escorts mainly working in Europe?

It’s a simple answer it’s safe,

majority of these country’s sex work is regarded as a career.
Mainly I think it’s the safety aspect of being in a developed and non-ignorant society.

It’s important for a Ts Escorts to be comfortable in a country which the law will protect her and be the same for anyone no matter sexual preference or gender.

The draw of European countries they are more developed than other parts of the world. Is a massive attraction to Ts Escorts.
Of course like any country you will always find bigoted people, But as I mentioned before the law prevents them
From being anymore then that.

Another appeal is the location of Europe it’s one of the most visited continents in the world. Which can only be good for business.

It’s easy connected to each other and travelling in-between European countries make it a breeze.